We Offer Vegan Chocolates

At our recent Christmas Show in Austin, TX, we gave out over 2,000 samples of our delicious chocolates! We never take for granted the moment when each customer takes a taste and fall in love with our chocolates.  They often freak out when they find out our chocolates are egg free, dairy free, soy free, and gluten free.  Many chocolate lovers, don't have these restrictions and just love our chocolate period!

For others who have these restrictions, the story is the same.  They feel like they are deprived and almost in food prison. They can never enjoy chocolate or much of anything because it usually contains some of these allergy ingredients or it doesn't taste good at all.  When they find us, they cannot believe our chocolates are so amazing, taste delicious, and better than anything they have ever tasted AND they can eat it!  We have so many vegan options, that our vegan customers are some of our most loyal customers.  Our vegan hot chocolate is so popular we constantly sell out!  When we started our company over 4 years ago, the amazing thing is our purpose was not to be vegan chocolates.  Our purpose and point was to be pure chocolates.  So pure, that the ingredients are simple, yet delicious, that everyone can love and enjoy!